This is the weirdest thing I've read in a while. I already disliked both of them and now I dislike both of them MORE but I don't know who loses more points for this. It's so weird. THEY TWEET EACH OTHER. I mean I'm still rooting Hawks in Jersey because fuck the Broncos, but I'm definitely not going to make a show about anything but "go Richard Sherman and Derrick Coleman, I guess."

(Wes Welker, you're still in my heart.)

ETA: Sorry, but if you didn't click through to the DS story, this bit they quote the LA Times is CRACKING MY SHIT UP:

Carroll bought an album and spent much of last season playing it on an endless loop in his Seahawks office. Typically, the coach has his sound system cranked so loud his secretary has to turn it down when he steps out of his corner office.

"Goddamnit, Pete Carroll" indeed.