Spoilers Ahoy!!

It’s Tuesday, so here’s your spot to chat about the final flight path of Mad Men, and we get to decide whether or not they are going to stick the landing. As I did last week, I’ll bump this at the end of the day, also. Let’s look at “Time and Life” after a polite little jump.





“My goodness, Meredith, we should put a bell on you.” (Sorcia’s favorite quote from this episode).

Looks like we’re truly reaching the end of an era, eh?

As always, feel free to talk about whatever, but here are some things I was thinking about:

1) Poor Joan. I hope Pete’s right and she’ll show them all. RAWR.

2) Ted Chaugh IS a bit of a sheep, no? Also, he got divorced?!

3) I have the feeling people either loved or hated the Peggy-and-the-heavy-handed-children stuff. I loved her moment with Stan, but that scene with the big-haired mother (and lord, that was some side-eye from Pegs!) felt very cumbersome.

4) How long has it been since we’ve seen Pegs and Pete on the couch together?

5) Damnit, if they’re going to show a flirty gay couple, why have we still not heard from SAAALLLL? #TeamSal

6) Trudy continues to be adorable. Also, I laughed like a loon at the “draw a man test” as well as the Scottish-ancestors throwdown with the principle. LOLWHUT.

7) DAWN!!!!

8) I liked that instead of popping champagne, they went out and were having grungy beers to “celebrate.”

9) What do we think of Joan’s new beau? Still think he’s scheming?

10) I loved Roger’s shot at Don about when Don gave him all that shit about marrying a secretary and then turned around and did the same thing. HAH. STFU, Don.

Here are my two favorite recaps from the amazing Tom and Lorenzo, and from The Muse.

What did y’all think?