(Also known as making lemonade out of lemons.) A journey to liking exercise.

I've always hated traditional exercise. Throughout my life, I've pushed myself to try running, jogging, lifting, group aerobics, and basically every exercise I could think of. I hated it all. I would stick with it for a short time, but could never commit long-term, because I dreaded doing it. It was a chore. It was boring. That's when I decided a crap-sauce fact about myself: I decided that I hated exercise and would forever be that way.


But I overlooked one very important thing: I love dancing alone. I love cranking up the music, taking off my shoes, and dancing around my house. I remember liking that ever since I was very small. It makes me feel the happiest I've ever felt. I always discounted this as not "really" exercise. No one sees me do it, no machine is tracking my time, there's no group competition for house-dancing. But this week I've decided to look at things differently. Instead of forcing myself to go to the gym, I've let myself dance at home whenever I feel like it. I look forward to it. And I'll effortlessly dance for 20-30 minutes, until sweat's pouring and I'm out of breath. And it feels amazing.

So that's the chocolate milk: I thought that exercising sucked and that I'd never like it. But I was overlooking something that actually is exercise, and if I like it more, I'm more likely keep doing it without having to force myself. Life can be full of so many obligations and drudgeries, it's so nice to give yourself a break and really pursue what you enjoy. I found I was overlooking something quite obvious that's made my life a whole lot more enjoyable.

Have you found a way to turn one of life's drudgeries into something awesome and fun? My mission this year is to stop being so serious about life, so I'd love to hear your story!