So I went on my first adult trip this weekend. I am 26.

I've been on trips before, and have even rented out the honeymoon suite of a hotel with a significant other. We ate jalapeño pizza while floating in the in-room hot tub and watched George Carlin DVDs. So even though we were doing something adult, I didn't feel like an adult. So even though we were moving across the country together in our own vehicle, I felt like we were playing house. Even though he had already proposed and I was in grad school, I didn't feel like we should be in the honeymoon suite.

But this was a real adult trip.
We rented a car, packed up our stuff and stayed at a really nice hotel for the night. We went for a hike, where we fought at the top of the hill about exercise related things which I can't even begin to get into right now.

But the view was worth it and after we hiked back down we checked into the hotel and had fantastic hotel sex stemming from something that was only supposed to be an anticipatory flash of stockings.


I took ManWombat out to dinner and told him to get whatever he wanted. We ate mussels as appetizers like it's something we always do, and I left a massive tip. Then we went back to our hotel for champagne and strawberries and had round two of awesome hotel sex. The next day we went skiing and I only fell twice and I got to pretend it didn't raise all these weird imposter feelings that I usually get related to my class. The only downside was that someone stole ManWombat's skis :( But we are still hoping it was just a mix-up and the ski hill will call us.

Guys? It was fantastic. I hung out in a chalet. I drank cocoa and watched people ski. I skied! I Also I learned champagne + strawberries + mountain air makes me a malleable minx.

The best part was the drive back when ManWombat admitted he was feeling a little stressed about not getting enough hours at work, and like he depended on me too much financially. He wants to be a speech pathologist, and he would be a fantastic one. He works with kids with learning disabilities now and he's great at it. It's a job where his sensitivity really comes in handy, because it helps him see things from his students' perspectives. I want so badly for him to achieve his passion.
School is hard for him though. And it's easy for me. So I think he sometimes gets overwhelmed with my enthusiasm, because while he has the family finances and the passion, I have the school brain. And sometimes I forget that not everyone else does.
But we set out a concrete plan and we're going to work on it together.

I have never felt like such a good adult, even though after my cataclysmic break-up, I lost a lot of my markers of adulthood. It felt like a step back in so many ways. At 23 I had a career course, a car, a cat, a fiancé.
At 25 I had my cat. All in all though, if I could have chosen just one of those things it would have been her.

(This is how I usually assume people see me. Just a baby throwing money at them.)


I know that there isn't some magic line you cross where you're an adult. I know its a state of being, and if my parents are any indication adulthood means something different to everyone. But do you ever hit a point where the adult days outweigh the non-adult days? Does everyone just always feel this way until we start to fall apart, and then we win adulthood by default of feeling cranky and sore?
What does being adult mean to you?