Kia is a new addition to the household; I’ve had her about 6 weeks now. I did an intro post on BalkTalk, but for some reason not here, and I always miss FFF posts because I’m at work when they go up. In any case, my beautiful, but problematic Lab cross, Beau died in the early spring, and it took until late July to get another dog.

Kia was said to be a Shepherd cross, but everyone who’s seen her (including a random moving guy), says “Australian Cattle Dog”, and that was my first impression too, although she’s probably crossed with something else, maybe an Australian Kelpie, which is another herding dog, with finer features than a Cattle Dog (there’s dingo in both breeds). She is smaller than she appears in her pictures.


Her previous owner died, and she was lucky enough to go to a rescue group right away, rather than a shelter. She is 7 years old and has a touch of arthritis.

In spite of the herding dog lineage, she is a very chill, calm dog, She is an angel in fact; no behavioural problems, like separation anxiety, or inappropriate chewing. She gets along fine with the cats, and they seem to have formed a mutual ignoration society, although one of the cats was stropping against her chest the other day, and winding his tail under her chin, so I think friendships may form.

She was very obese when I got her; I suspect the previous owner was elderly, so that she didn’t get exercised enough, and was fed too much of the wrong food. She looked a bit like an armadillo; small pointy head and ears, big shoulders, and skinny tail (she’d been shaved down because of fleas).

but she’s lost nearly 10 lbs in 6 weeks. A 10 day stay at the cottage (doggie boot camp) resulted in a loss of 4 lbs., and she has just over 5 lbs to go for her ideal weight. She jumped on the bed for the first time the other day! And my god, does this dog like fetch.