My boyfriend is Italian. He came here about two years ago and we’ve been together for a year. Things are going ridiculously awesome and he’s met my family a bunch. A couple months ago, he mentioned he wanted me to come meet his parents and his friends in Italy.

So....right after Christmas I am going to Italy for ten days! Awesome. One catch, his parents do not speak any English and I do not speak Italian. I do speak Spanish pretty well and I’ve thought that I could pick Italian easily but...not so much. I’m trying to pick up little stuff to say greet to his friends and family but I’m nervous! I’m worried that his parents won’t like me by default because they will never really know me. Has anyone has an experience with an inability to speak with your SO’s parents (or your SO not being to speak to yours)? Suggestions? Help!

Also suggestions for anything in Northern Italy to see there are welcome.