Gonzo's post from earlier gave me a big ol' warm fuzzy and I'd like to keep it rolling. What are your favorite holiday traditions? Did you inherit them, or are they things you've started with your own tribes?

Here's mine: I love midnight Christmas Eve services, and started going by myself to them a few years ago. I really love the quiet, intimate feeling I get from having that little bit of alone time before the friends-and-family craziness starts the next day. Also, I go to my mom's house on Christmas morning and make her and my grandfather a big breakfast on Christmas morning, usually consisting of french toast, hash browns, and hot chocolate. A few friends of mine also take a walking tour of Swiss Avenue in Dallas and look at light displays (it's a pretty fancy part of town and residents usually hire professional lighting companies who do seriously AMAZING things) while wearing bad holiday sweaters and drinking hot cider. There's also this lady's house in highland park which I look forward to seeing every year:

I want to hear yours!