Hey everyone, free samples of me.

Newb alert!

Thankful af for these here posting privileges! Tried to give y’all a break from the “AHHHH OMG POSTING PRIVILEGES POST” deluge :)


So hi, I’m burnernator (a super dated Homestar Runner reference, for the uninitiated. A nice play on my burner status at the time). I’m 25, working in hospital administration (hate it) while working on my MPH (also kind of hate it). I’ll probably be writing most about random stuff in the news that makes me angry, cooking, traveling, the bumbly misadventures of my live-in boyfriend Bonernator, and the major depression struggle bus. Also there will probably be much ranting about how the first 3 seasons of Spongebob were the only ones worth a damn.

So, glad to be here! Lay your weekend exploits on me!