This is going to be a straight commercial because I AM A GREAT FRIEND OBVIOUSLY. But really, it is a very good and funny book. Since I can’t be trusted to review it myself (too biased) here are some copy-and-pasted reviews from elsewhere....

Yall. A Ballroom Temptation was SO much fun! I busted out laughing all through the book. The characters were quirky and wonderful.

Herding Cats & Burning Soup

The humor was laugh-out-loud, the wit unbearably clever and on point, and the side characters brilliantly multi-dimensional.

Michaelene (Goodreads)

It was refreshingly sexy, especially for a historical, and I’ve never read a historical that snuck in some male bondage. And it worked for the characters.

S Dolan (Goodreads)

Bell’s latest release is a sometimes-awkward story about awkward characters whose shared awkwardness turns into genuine affection and more. Their charm takes a little while to take hold, but once it does, the unusual character elements and the laugh-out-loud humor make this a real winner.

RT Book Reviews (behind a paywall, unfortunately)

What is my friend Kim, the very talented author whose books you should strongly consider reading, like? Well, here is what she messaged me when she was first shown the finished cover art by her publisher a year or so ago...

On the Herding Cats & Burning Soup review, there’s a reader comment that notes “Historicals don’t usually look like that.”

One of my favorite things about Kim as a writer is that she likes to craft complex characters that feel real to her. In practice, this has meant that her characters often subvert stereotypes. You’ll be introduced to a character and think, ‘Oh, I know this stereotype — a jezebel, or an alpha male, or [there are a thousand insert your fav here].’ And then as the story goes on and the characterization continues, that depiction will evolve, or change, or be (in the case of my favorite leading lady) unabashedly embraced and evolved into a whole person with bucketfuls of sexual agency.


I am constantly pestering her to write blog posts and the whatnot about her take on feminism and the depiction of characters in the romance genre because we’ve messaged about it quite a bit, and I know it’s a fundamental part of how she envisions her characters. In my observation, this has led to some interesting pushback from some readers that I’m dying to hear her, and other romance authors, evaluate... but that’s just overly-analytical, nosey-ass me. She appreciates anyone reading in the first place.

If you like historical romance (Georgian), or funny books, or beach reads, or just want to try something new... please consider my friend’s latest book:

If you would like to stalk her, she is of course on Twitter.