My coworkers hate me

So, I have resigned myself to that fact that even though I've always gotten along well with my colleagues, my coworkers at current job will always sort of hate me (not all of them, but a good majority).

Reasons: my dept was formed by the unwanted merger of several other pre-existing departments with pre-existing bosses. My boss was brought in from a totally separate section to be the new director and brought me with him. The pre-existing bosses were demoted.

Everyone hated my boss and also me (for just appearing with him). He has an "assistant", but in addition to my projects I sort of "manage" him. This includes reading all his email and attending many closed door meeting of sr. leadership with him and knowing everything about everything all the time. He also likes me very much and we've known each other for a while. He trusts me and I have a rapport with him that many others would like, but don't have (because they act like idiots). Also, I am very good at what I do and some folks there have performance issues. After almost 2 years, I've made peace with the hatred.


Tell me your stories about coworkers who hate you.