My love affair with Netflix is going strong. I am working down the list of recommends that was provided plus some other ones I have found. Sure, we have had some duds (I'm looking at you Only God Forgives) but most of the things Netflix has offered me has been good so far. My Netflix picks are included below in no particular order.

The Invisible War (Trigger Warning: Rape)

Heavy. Emotional. Rage-Inducing.

A documentary about sexual assault in the military features interviews from several veterans about their abuse and how military justice does not actually provide justice for the victims. A must watch.

Check out if you want more information regarding the subject.

LUV or Learning Uncle Vincent follows a 11 year old boy named Woody as he learns some life lessons from his uncle.


I'm going to be honest with you...the movie is not great. The actors do what they can with a weak story and script. It does not do Common's skills as an actor justice(he can be a great actor with the right material) but it does highlight that Michael Rainey Jr is a very talent young actor. You have a who's who of Black actors show up in the film but with so much talent, this movie should have been a lot better than it was. Still watchable though. Watch when you don't really want to watch anything in your queue.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters- Come for the penis gun, stay for a decent story twist on the classic tale of Hansel & Gretel.


Definitely a popcorn flick where you can turn off the brain and just enjoy the non-sense that makes up the movie. The costumes/outfits are awesome and of course Famke Janssen is great in whatever she is in(She deserved better than that sequel that we shall not recognize as an actual X-Men movie).

Starring Colin Farrell and his eyebrows as a hit-man stuck in Bruges which is apparently in Belguim. This movie gave the internet gifs such as this one, this one, and lastly this one.

I loved this movie. Someone on here said to watch it but I forgot who (if you know it was you drop me a comment, email, or DM to let me know so I can smother you with love). It is really offensive (mainly coming from Colin's character plus one other) but at the same time I loved it. Definitely keeping this one in the "I don't know what to watch so let me watch something I have already seen/liked" pile.

American Violet, based on a true story, was the feature film debut of Nicole Beharie, who you might know from her lead role on Sleepy Hollow. Set in Central Texas, this shows the story of how a single mother who fights to clear her name (and others) of wrongful charges.


Lord, the Texas accents. I just imagine I drove into the next county over because that is the only way I could believe those accents (I really hope my accent doesn't sound like that or I don't have one at all). It does get a little dramatic at times but the story and acting are still solid. Apparently the movie was fairly accurate in portraying people the characters were based on. Deserves to be on every must watched list.

Yelling to the Sky is a coming of age story about Sweetness O'Hara as she deals with family, friends, and life in general.


The story was definitely jump over the place at times. It would head in one direction then completely head in another. It felt more like a series of mini plots about one girl mashed together. I would put it on the same level as LUV (mentioned above): wonderful actors, weak story. I say watch when it's 2 am in the morning and you don't feel like going to bed.


Idris Elba...enough said.

Jericho is a great end of the world type show. The actors were great, the story (and the subplots) were great, and I actually felt bad for majority of the characters. I hate that it was cancelled when this could have been a hit (but I guess CBS decided to treat it just like NBC treated Kings). Probably a show that would have excelled had it been on FX, AMC, or A&E.

Perfect for your TV Binge watching.

What Maisie Knew, which was adapted from a novel of the same name, is of a little girl dealing with the divorce of her two selfish parents.


I liked this move. I really wanted to jump in the screen and yell at her two parents though. I never knew Steve Coogan could play a douche bag so well. The best parts are when Maisie (played by Onata Aprile) is bonding with the awkward Lincoln (played wonderfully by Alexander Skarsgård). I give this one two thumbs up.

I might turn this into a regular series because...why not?