I gotta join in or else I'm just not going to feel included. Also, I'm not on here daily and haven't followed whatever is going on super closely. This might not be exactly what everyone has been talking about, but it is talking about dick's, so I'm close, haha.

I'm self-conscious about a whole lot of things, but the size of my dick has never been one of them. And it's not for being large. In fact, if any numbers I've read are to be believed, I'm a bit below average. I think the reason I've never had any body image issues with my dick is because I feel like someone who I'll mesh with will probably have similar ideologies about my body as I do about theirs. I'll use breast size as an example because I think it's more stigmatized than things that have to do with lady-parts (not being a woman I could be totally wrong, so call me out if that's the case).

Here's how I feel about breasts: Small breasts are awesome, big breasts are awesome, flat chests are awesome, small nipples are awesome, dark nipples are awesome... etc. etc. Women's chests are just fucking awesome. End of story. This isn't a perfect analogy because, unlike dicks, breasts don't have a whole lot to do a man's sexual pleasure, but I feel like anyone who I'd be into anyway will probably not expect me to be 9 inches and as thick as a fuckin' beer bottle or some shit. (Not judging women who get off on big dick's, I'm sure those are better for those women, but I don't see how that can really be an expectation).


I suppose I kind of view experiencing someone else's body as a privilege. I know that it felt like the two people who I have seen naked (and have seen me naked) were just taking pity on me. So my viewpoint is probably just a huge extension of my own incredibly low self-esteem, but I really have very few preferences about bodies. I think most things attraction are pretty arbitrary anyway and if you try hard enough you can make anything look ugly in your eyes. But why would you do that if you can do the other, ya know?