I have a friend who I met through my ex. But her perspective on relationships and happiness is not fun for a newly single person (fairly newly single, now it's been a few months) who is trying to enjoy it. "Every moment I'm not trying to meet someone is wasted," she said to me once. WHAT?

There's nothing I can do to help, but I used to feel this way before my sister married at 36 and got pregnant (like, instantly, although it's early) at 37. When I broke up with this last guy I was upset but also empowered. Since, I've written over 80 pages of my novel, started practicing yoga, and reconnected with my good friend from college. I do these things on the assumption that I may not ever find anyone and I should go ahead and enjoy life as it is. So many of you have encouraged this perspective.


She won't listen and it is getting harder to listen to her. Yesterday she made me look through OKCupid profiles and huffed at my suggestions of taking classes or going to events that might interest her. "But you can make new friends that way," I said. "I don't want new friends." I've only known her for less than a year so I'm glad I got in under the wire.