So then I tried on a bunch of stuff I never wear and you all get a fashion show because I am stylish and vain

Pic 1 is my new dress. It's from, and it's so soft and the pockets are huge and I love it. The waist is a little big, but Idc.

Pic 2 is a dress I wanted forever and then got on eBay and didn't like it as much. Not because it's not cute, but because the waist is sooooo short. It's pulled down as low as I can get it, but the waistline is practically at my boobs. I realize I have a long torso, but yeesh. I'm thinking about getting rid of it because I've had it for a few months now, but I'm not sure.

Pic 3 is a dress I got on my birthday last year (so almost a year ago!) and still have yet to wear. I get really self conscious. I like it, but I'm thinking about getting rid of it just because I don't know if I'll wear it

Pic 4 is a vintage dress I got on eBay! It's handmade, so I'm not sure how old it is, but It's so cute. I have to wear a slip with it, but that's nbd really.

Pic 5 is another vintage dress from eBay. Like the last one, it's handmade, so I don't know how old it is.

Pic 6 is a Bettie Page dress that I got for super cheap on eBay. I love it soooo much, but I haven't had an opportunity to wear it.


That is a really weird angle on my face