Week one is almost done, and on Sunday, we entered the dreaded Week Two of NaNoWriMo.

Things that happen in week two:

  • You realize that you hate your story.
  • You realize that your characters hate you.
  • Someone in your group hits 25k and is all “Oh, nbd, I just write on my phone during my commute in.”
  • You remember that you promised to ‘catch up’ over the weekend and holy shit it’s the weekend what were you thinking
  • You decide to clean your entire house, KonMari style. Actually, no, fuck that, you’re going to out do Marie Kondo. You’re going to take it up a notch because it’s better than facing your wordcount deficit.

I’m actually doing fine, heading into week two. Yesterday was a bust due to traffic and work and family all being full of butts, but I’m not behind... yet. We’ll see if I can build my buffer back up.

Your NaNo resource today: StoryBundle has a book bundle of books about writing! Pay what you can and get a bunch of DRM-free books to download!


Also, if you’ve never heard of StoryBundle, they’re rad. Go check out the rest of their offerings this month!

How is everyone else doing?