Welp, you guys sure didn't make it easy on ol' Sorcia, having to pick just one design from such a large pile of awesome. Yet it's good to make fresh starts at the new year! Sorry, Glitter Kitty. You've been great.

While I did pick a winner, I'm also saving all of your great logos to use sporadically throughout the year. Whenever whimsy takes me (and the other mods), I suppose. Thanks to everyone who participated. It's so amazing to see what talented and clever GTers we have in our ranks!

Below are all the submissions with their clever creators, but the winner is....


Congratulations, Fortheloveofbeets! You win the admiration of the internet and the mods are deeply grateful for the belly-laughs you provided.


I think my favorite comment came from ...BecauseI'mthePrettiest, who gave such a spot-on analysis of why this logo works for our little community:

"Because it takes one of the best examples of the French Ecole de Fontainbleau style circa late-16th century, and juxtaposes it with two badass ladies of today in a puckish interplay between times of antiquity and the modern, with clever chiaroscuro elements (the subtle and emotion-provoking dance between light and dark hues within the structure of the work), some of which were well ahead of their time. This modern twist is amusing both because of its clever, intentional reference to the past and the contrast with the female empowerment movement in these, our modern times." (Full Comment Here).

Here are the other excellent submissions, in no particular order:

These 5 are by the extremely talented Mr. Disconnected, whom I still love, even thought the Hamgina now haunts my dreams.

SugarHill gave us not one but TWO Cat vs. Dog logos, so you know we'll be seeing those at some point:

NotoriousGigi provided the image and then Pteridophyta made it into a logo that still makes me cackle evilly when I look at it:

Antiqt made a beautiful logo:

This amazing piece by BetterLatethanPregnant is probably going to wind up as my wallpaper sometime soon:

Last but certainly not least was "Old Maid THIS, Grandma", which is just perfection, by SimplyReturnable.

Terrific work, everyone! Thanks so much for participating. The Winning Logo should be visible soon! Just refresh the old browser a few dozen times. If that doesn't work, you'll have to sacrifice a live animal to Kinja and that always gets messy.