I don't know if it's made national news but everyone from my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska has been talking about how the "black homicide rate" for Nebraska is the highest in the country.

I've looked at the Omaha World Herald and Lincoln Journal Star articles on this and they're almost.... Gloating?

But what bought me a one way ticket to RageVille is this fucking shit:

"Now do you understand why SBPDL advocates that it be illegal for black people to own firearms of any kind?


Eighty percent of the murders in the entire state of Nebraska in 2012 courtesy of the black community in North Omaha… white people create a civilization where social capital flourishes and it only takes a tiny percentage of black people to bankrupt it."


I... Don't even know where to start, with that shit. But I am fucking pissed.

Nebraska gets exactly 0 gold stars for fighting white supremacist ideas. And to read this bullshit is enraging.

I don't even know what to say. I'm angry.