As my inaugural Groupthink post (because I decided I should apply for posting privileges this time, thanks Sorcia!), I decided this was aptly timed.

I read an article on Lifehacker about No Spend November and figured we could all benefit here. Since I lost my main job on Friday, I’m looking at my budget with a fine tooth comb. Loans are the suck.

I have very little control over most of my budget, but I do have control over my food! So, I’d like to use this post for us to share our favorite budget recipes and creations. I use BudgetBytes a LOT but I need to get down to bare bones on my cooking without using the same 10 recipes.


I love, love, love this lasagna rollup recipe. The veggie mix is awesome and it makes more than the recipe says. We were able to get 3 or 4 meals out of it and I still frozen enough for 1 and a half meals.

So what are your favorite budget-friendly recipes? Any creations you’ve come up that you’re proud of?


PS: If someone has a delicious rice and beans recipe, please drop it here... because I’d like to make some but it always turns out blah.