One thing I love about mornings is eating breakfast with lil guy. He's eating the oatmeal I made with apple, peaches and cinnamon yuuuum. I make like 2 batches a week with his baby bullet so easy and yummy. With that he's eating some scrambie eggs of mine and sampling the banana bread I made for big guy yesterday. I wish I could eat the banana bread but I made it with regular flour so no go for me. I had (tmi) issues after just making it, never mind eating it.
So for me- coffee, water, egg and an apple.
After we finish this he usually works on an orange slice while I do the dishes.

And NPR! It appears some of our friends are talking about how "I'm one of those moms" because we have radio news time and we don't watch tv. Lil guy isn't even ten months yet, there's plenty of time ahead to get him fixated on tv. Right now he's into playing and exploring and trying to catch our pets rather than even pay attention to the tv. So we both stay busy, not that the tv isn't on in our house. So weird, I don't care what they do with their baby - or the other ones their cats. Not sure why they care about the tv time our baby is "missing"?
Anyhoo, breakfast = yum!
What are you eating?