Fellow gamers, or those of you with opinions of things you know nothing about (fear not, I won't grill you) I have run out of things to play.

I just finished The Last of Us:

And I just spent an entire, pointless, misanthropic week playing and finishing Bravely Default. Which I recommend if you want to waste your life, and if you enjoy classic Final Fantasy before Final Fantasy became what it is.


Recommend Which Game I Ought To Play Next

Spoiler Alert: It also contains classic sexism.

But now, I do not know what to play. My husband bought me the One Piece game, not knowing that I loathe One Piece. I tried playing it for half an hour to be nice but could not stand the main character's dead smile and dead eyes. It was like being in a Stephen King novel without all of the killer clowns and unfortunate menstrual blood running the hotel.

So, anyone play anything good lately? Old school recommends? I own every Nintendo system (except Gamecube and WiiU) and a Ps2 and Ps3. So none of that X-Box bullshit, please.

Help me, GT. You're my only hope.