I’m pretty sure my neighbors think I’m nuts because I’m always doing stuff like this:

Guess I can’t do laundry today. Darn.

While my dresser project is on hold (the top had some bowing, so I have it clamped down), I’ve turned to my other much-more-involved-than-I’d-counted-on project: a beaded lampshade.


I’ve been having lamp issues in my bedroom for awhile, as in, for some reason no lampshade looks right in there. I have a vintage-style pixie lamp on one side…

Mine is kinda like this, except, you know, from Target. :)

… and the other side has been a sad, rotating series of not-quite-right lamps and lampshades. The dresser project got me thinking that I wanted to solve this problem, too, while I was at it, and hey, why not make it match the dresser? Then I stumbled on a Pinterest pin and realized that my existing lamp was based on a Victorian style, which got me to thinking that my bedside table is staged with gifted old editions of some of my favorite childhood books and a little wooden mushroom statue thing that’s always made me think of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and hey, wasn’t that a Victorian story? Hm, weren’t beaded lampshades another style of Victorian lamp? Maybe that would go with the other lamp! (Welcome to my stream of consciousness.)


Well, let me tell you something, this lampshade had better go because, damn! This thing was way more of a pain in the ass than I’d thought it would be (will I ever learn?) and I’ve sunk many, many hours into stringing beads and my fucking thumb hurts. I think I sprained my thumb.

For those interested, I got a lampshade, ripped the fabric off and cleaned the frame. It was a shoddy piece of shit with crappy welding that I had *clearly* overpaid for, so I had to wire a lot of it back together after it fell apart from the aforementioned ripping. Grim determination set in (most of my projects dissolve into a state of grim determination). I sprayed the frame with mirror spray paint I had left over from another project, to make it closer in base appearance to the clear acrylic beads I used, so it wouldn’t stick out in the final product. Then I got to beading, I used 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm beads from Amazon and experimented with beading patterns until I filled up the empty space. This took half a lifetime because I chose probably the most difficult shape to bead because of course I did. Then I beaded draping strands to fancify it. Now, I’m spray painting it all purple to match the dresser.

Why didn’t I get purple beads? They’re more expensive and not the right purple (I’m picky about colors in case you hadn’t noticed). Did you know that they made stained glass spray paint? I didn’t! But they do! It’s Krylon and it’s transparent and awesomesauce. It claims to be royal purple, but that is, conveniently for me, a lie. It’s a warm purple, just like my dresser is going to be! Yay!


Today I spray painted the shade and strands of beads, haphazardly hung with string, drinking straws, and hangers, like a madwoman while my neighbors occasionally watched with bemusement.

Creative use of straws.

Here’s a pic of the mister gamely holding it up to our hanging Edison bulb (which is what I’m planning on using since you can obviously see the bulb through the shade):

Testing, testing.

There’ll be more coverage when I get it all put together. I think I’m going to add another coat of the purple.


I am going to cherish this lampshade and pass it down to future generations. No selling it for $5 at a yard sale allowed!