(No images.) OK, so, I read that kind of erotica. The worst kind. You know... the free kind. (Usually with kink.) (I have yet to dl the free Bigfoot stuff because SEE, I have limits!)

So I'm going to share something that basically has "this needs to be a blog theme" written all over it, but as we've discovered, I'm lazy and a blog would require work, so here it is for you, the most wtf thing I've read in a long time. Don't say I didn't warn you.

His fingers left her nipples, and she felt one suddenly jammed inside her asshole. She tightened in resistance, but that only increased her awareness of it. In and out his finger moved as his tongue thrust in and out of her pussy. Her body responded again. Why the hell was she enjoying this?

Her asshole began to drip its own juices.

The Stranger, Laura Hathaway

Her asshole. Her asshole dripped "juices." That.. that just can't mean what the author thinks it means. Why would the author think this happens? Is "she" 12? Is he 12? Just WHAT??


In other recent downloads, I went perusing the free kinkforkindle.com, presented by wasteland.com. (NSFW, either of them.) And in the contemporary offerings, found something called Slave Girl by Hans Meijer, 1989. Along with his work Jennifer, and a piece called The Island, by anon from an early 90's BBS, which I pray was also written by this guy.

Here's the info on Slave Girl:

Slave Girl
Hans Meijer

A novella by one of the best known European BDSM personalities, Hans Meijer. Has was a friend of Wasteland for many years before his departure from this mortal coil in 2009. A lecturer, teacher, author, photographer and film maker of all things "BDSM", Hans made an impact (leterally at times) on hundres of lives from his hoem in Holland. He is greatly missed and we present this novel in tribute.

Hans spends hundreds of pages detailing a side of BDSM that stands in stark opposition (and I'd say if Mr. Meijer were alive, he'd be proud to say so) to the largely female-written and driven BDSM that many of us are familiar with today. We leave a world of safe, sane and consensual to delve into BDSM as misogyny, plain and simple, and it was disturbing to read. (I'd pull quotes, but I deleted it about halfway through - even my grim curiosity couldn't push past the sheer misogyny in the form of plain bad writing.) But for a while it was truly fascinating in that grim way. If you're into kink (major TW for basically everything if you're not) I'd actually recommend d/l those pieces, just not for pleasure purposes. Even if full-scale 24/7 slavery IS your kink, if you are a woman... just consider reading them. Maybe just so I'm not alone. Maybe just to take a moment to be grateful for what e-readers have done for female erotica, particularly in kink. Fuck, maybe even to say a weird thanks to EL James for proving that the market exists. (No, I still haven't read them, either. I'd d/l bigfoot porn first.)


After reading the very short Jennifer, followed by about half of Slave Girl, then literally three pages of The Island it was just sort of overwhelming to consider the kink I've been able to take for granted. Even if it includes dripping assholes.