Upon my high horse (actually it's a unicorn named Chickens), I formally declare with all the authority granted to me by my Fat Cat Link (he left me a certificate in the litter box... it's HUGE with authority), I declare this phrase to be the Official "official" Call-Each-Other-Out Phrase for all GroupThinkers to call each other out when needed. It is by Spookylicious (rawglicious) from here.

Ooooooooh. I don't think you meant to sound like a butt, but this is a little butt-y.

It obeys the rules of not being a jerk , acknowledges the possibility of whatever was said to be a misstep, and keeps the door open for a conversation (which is what we at GT are known for, aren't we?).


And for further proof of my authority on this issue, I bring you these unicorn GIFs.

(twice for this one because it is awesome)

And one of Unicron when I made a spelling mistake

EDIT: Seriously folks! Are we ALL expecting a call-out-a-thon amongst each other? I mean, the first paragraph invokes my unicorn Chickens! And Voldemort!


We're GroupThink and we should be able to challenge each others' p.o.v.s without being dicks and ACCEPT our p.o.v.s being challenged without being dicks. That's the general feeling.

(and no, I'm not saying that anyone has been dickish with each other. This is not directed at any person)