I felt fine yesterday. In fact, I felt better than fine. Recently I had a bad cold, and that had cleared right up. I met up with people and had fun!

Today I woke up at 0600 feeling nauseous. Whatever position I tried to sleep in didn't help. It was similar yesterday morning actually, but worse today.

Since then I have thrown up four or five times. Even Mr Kay Kay (who is NEVER ill) is coming home from work as he has thrown up as well (another rarity - I've never known him to throw up in over three years). We only have one bathroom so I guess we will have to take it in turns to throw up. Urgh.


Utter misery. MrKK thinks it's food poisoning, but nothing I cooked yesterday was even remotely risky. I cooked the sausages for close to an hour in total. The rest were canned green beans (which is completely normal for us) and some batter mix (I checked the egg was in date, the milk was good, and the flour was brand new).

So what the fuck? That was the only meal that we had in common yesterday!!

It feels like someone is stabbing my skin with pins. Too hot, then too cold.

Basically, today is a complete write off, and there was a massive list of things that *needed* to be done today.

I hope that there's nothing going around in your areas and that everyone is fit and well!