So does anyone remember this post about Microsoft researching a "smart bra"? Well, like every technological marvel, Japan has beaten us to it. BuzzFeed gives a full rundown of this new wonder of science as well as it's hilarious marketing campaign, but here are the SparkNotes.

A Japanese company by the name of Ravijour has released a bra that they claim only unhooks itself for true love. Apparently it does this via a set of sensors that are meant to detect a completely arbitrary heart rate for an arbitrary amount of time your physiological indicators of the experience of love.

They claim that this will help protect us boob-havers from having less than worthy suitors all up in our business. No sir, this bra won't be having no scrubs, no matter how hard you try that "mime pulling a rope" routine.

So, you might be asking: How do you get it off if you aren't in the mood for hanky-panky and perhaps wish to bathe or free your boobs from their high tech prison? Who knows!? Boobs only exist for the enjoyment of men anyway. The mecha-bra designers would know that, since they are both men themselves.