I've had several friends rave about their Roku, but I really wasn't interested until I found out you can stream your Amazon Prime account to it. We got the Prime account when we started to order our stuff for the holidays and Amazon was smart enough to show us how much we had spent on shipping over the last 12 months vs the cost of Prime. I was pretty irritated that I couldn't take advantage of the Prime membership through our Tivo. I don't want to watch videos on the computer; I want to watch them on the tv.

So I have been pricing them for a couple of weeks and grabbed one off of Woot.

I hooked it up last night (which was really easy once I read the instructions about synching the remote.) We have already watched Doug, Are You Afraid of the Dark, and half a dozen episodes of Blue Clues. Netflix no longer has all the Nickelodeon shows we were watching, but they are all on Amazon.


I got to clean a whole bunch of my son's shows off of the Tivo (which was buckling under the lack of free memory).

I still need to check that it is childproofed so my son can't buy stuff without a password. (This is why he has a little tablet to internet surf and doesn't get on the big computer. I usually log off of Amazon, but sometimes Amazon says, "sure buy it with one click!")

My daughter and I also got to watch 45 minutes of Ted Talks last night and it looks like I can watch all my team's hockey games on it.

Anyone else have suggestions for free channels?