I reopened my old OKCupid account last night for kicks and after about 20 minutes I got this message:

Like steak? You should go to Namibia. They eat it three times a day..

I have on my profile that I like steak but what on earth does that even mean? I googled Namibia and steak and they don't seem to eat it any more than anyone else.


Does anyone have any insight about this or a snarky remark to shoot back because:

ETA: I did what Whiskey said. He responded with "I just lived there for 7 months. Trust me." Most of his profile is full of "look how awesome my life is" nuggets like: "I was conceived on the Pacific island of New Caledonia by my father and my mother, then a bartender at a pub popular with escaped Nazis."


I really want to respond with "How long have you been living up your own ass?" But that would be rude. Instead I will let that comment live here and I'll just say, "Fascinating. Thanks for the chat but not interested."