Your Favorite Shirt Is Almost There

The PubMed shirt (available here) only needs ONE more order to go to print. If you know anyone in meatspace that would love this shirt (like the people who use PubMed all the time) let them know so they can order one. The campaign will stay open until the end date so it is possible that people can order more than the goal.

The On Tuesdays We Llama shirt is also one away from the goal. Perfect gift for someone who just likes Llamas. Total US cost was 18.85 for the tshirt so absolutely perfect under $20 gift.

Other Campaigns:

  • The No One Cares About shirts designed by the wonderful Genghiskant needs 4 order before going to print. Total US price is 23.85.
  • Hello My name is Raffey needs 3 orders before it can be printed. Total US cost (includes shipping) for the t-shirt option is 21.85. (Bonus points if friends/family always expect random off the wall "What does this even mean?" gifts from you.)
  • Both This is what a misandrist looks like campaigns are 4 away from being sent to the press. Perfect for your favorite man hater(Also perfect since it is not a GT in joke so no explaining your efriends to your meatspace friends.) Total US price (includes shipping was 23.85 for the t-shirt.
  • The original Goon Squad campaign that is ending in 5 days needs 2 orders for it to be printed. Total US price is $19.85(includes shipping).
  • TW: Misandry is 2 orders from the original goal. Total US price is $20.85.

The Misandry at it's finest store has all the shirts in one location.


That's right. 9 new t-shirt campaigns have been launched. The 4 most popular shirts are still on sale. The new store has been launched here if you want to check out all the campaigns at once.


  • See something you like but don't see the color? Let me know! I would be more than happy to create another campaign with more colors or clothing options.
  • Kid shirts are available now. If anyone is interested in a "Future Misandrist" kid campaign, let me know! I would launch that campaign in seconds.
  • Each campaign only needs 5 items to be ordered for it to go to print. Most campaigns end on November 5th so make sure to place your order now.
  • Want to know more about Teespring and how it works? Go here.

Keep in mind, all of this is to help out a GTer who is in need of some help. If don't want a shirt but would like to help out directly, let me know in the comments or shoot me an email at Remember if most of the campaigns can exceed the original goal amount by at least 10 then a portion will be donate to the GT Fund.

Check below for details and links on each campaign.

A Spoof on all those "This is what a feminist looks like" shirt, let the world know what Men haters look like. Available here.

The winter edition of "This is what a misandrist looks like" campaign, let everyone know what a Man hater looks like while staying warm. Available here.

Created by the wonderful Genghiskant, announce your dislike for whatever you find stupid. Available here.

Do you even PubMed? It's been almost a year since this epic question (whether fake or not) popped up on kinja. Celebrate (and confuse everyone in meatspace) with this shirt. Available here.

Created by the wonderful Genghiskant, announce your dislike for whatever you find stupid while being warm. The winter version available here.

#Squadup! Winter version so all the goon squad members can be warm. Available here.

Requested, here are Goon Squad shirts with white lettering. Available here.

Cause you say it so many times in a week you would rather just wear a shirt saying it. Available here.

The 2nd most popular shirt so far, On Tuedays We Llama campaign is still going strong. This campaign only needs 3 more orders for it to hit the goal!

The most popular shirt so far, TW: Misandry campaign is going. This campaign only needs 2 more orders for it to hit the original goal!

The original Goon Squad T-Shirts! This campaign needs 3 more orders to print!

Raffey shirts are still available. This campaign needs 3 more items to be reserved before it can go to print.

MoGlo said this. I'm sure someone still has the screenshots for proof. Available here.

This one is more of a joke but if this goes to print I will die.