I fell asleep at 6am after I posted the followup on my blog and my social media lines are all going CRAZY. I knew that I'd wake up to comments, but I didn't expect it to go straight up viral while I slept. Some people straight up emailed me to thank me for the piece. That blows my MIND. And it also makes me REALLY anxious. I feel like I have a million eyes on me and I want to go hide under my covers. I'm weird.

BUT, I just wanted to say two things:

1. I'm a little overwhelmed with all the messages and tweets and stuff and I have a few real world things I need to do today so I may not get through them all. But know that I am reading them, I see them, and I really appreciate that so many of you genuinely considered my words and supported me. If I don't reply it's not because you didn't have a valid opinion it's because I'm just seriously overwhelmed. However:


2. I want to reiterate that this isn't about me being awesome, and "taking down Miley Cyrus", it's about a larger conversation that feminism needs to have about intersectionality. So don't just read my piece and stop. Go delve into some Gradient Liar, Angry Black Woman, Racialicious, Clutch etc. Go seek out the perspectives of other WoC who have been doing this WAY longer than me, because I learned it from them. I am NOT an expert. That piece should tell you, I cited so many different people because I defer to them on this conversation. They have the words better than I do. All I did was listen, pay attention, and pull it all into one spot.

So thanks again, and GT ladies, YOU ARE THE TITS!