I am supposed to go to Shabbat dinner at my fiance's cousins' house tonight. Typically, it's just the parents, but tonight, all their kids and grandkids are in town. They're Orthodox, so there are a whole lotta grandkids. That said - I've only ever met one of the kids & his children once. I've never met the other 2 kids because they live in Israel and are rarely in the US.

I am an introvert. Last weekend, we hosted my fiance's sister, hosted a barbeque, and my future brother-in-law was in town, so I spent some time with him, too. I also worked about 7 hours. The week has been crazy with work, because I have a response to a motion for summary judgment and 4 motions to bar experts due on Monday. I have had 3 meetings with wedding vendors on top of all that.

In short, I feel like I could cut a bitch and really want one of those nights where I drink a whole bottle of wine by myself (at home) and watch Dateline and House Hunters.


How bad is it if I say, "I am so maxed out, I just can't go tonight. I really need this time to myself?" I will probably end up going and being totally courteous, etc. But if yous guys think it might be sorta OK if I don't go, well..... who knows....