This is my new, fleeting friend Olivia. She is a pug. She goes everywhere with her human boyfriend. Yesterday she went kayaking. Our first meeting her human boyfriend was putting firewood into the kayak strapped to the top of his BMW, in the seat hole. We laughed about how $5 of firewood could wreck his car:)

Maine is one of my favorite places on Earth. All of it. We took our new (used) rolling~home there for a long weekend with old friends. Our campsite was waterfront. So beautiful. Bonus: We have 15 pounds of steamer clams we dug there & transported home, after stuffing ourselves mightily while we were still there. We are the Clampetts of pop~up camping.

Sigh. I guess I’m gonna watch the debate after all. It’s my civic duty.

Cheers, GT. I wish you all the nature & joy I’ve experienced lately. I truly do:)