Employee A is not doing well on project A. She is removed (she still has some other work). She needs more to do.

Employee B is working on project B and due to a strange circumstance (not relevant). Leaves the company with no notice. She is the third person to have this project and they all leave (not related to the project).

Since project B needs someone and employee A needs work, we assign her to this project. She is informed and seems enthusiastic. We explain that many people have worked on this in the past year and consistency and thorough work are important to get it back on track. She agrees. She leaves the meeting.


Emails are sent to the rest of the team introducing employee A as the new person in this role.

30 minutes after intro email goes and meetings are arranged for early next week employee A sends around a note that she her doctor this morning for a health issue and her doctor recommended that she take three weeks off so she’ll be back in three weeks. She immediately leaves work without further discussion and cannot be reached. She made no mention of this in the earlier meeting. Had we known, arrangements would have happened much differently..

Several hours later employee A calls a colleague and assigns her work to him (she is not authorized to reassign work).


Chaos, confusion, and damage control ensues.

Now I have to spend Sunday doing the work I was planning to do on Friday before this blew up.

People are so weird.