I'm going to a wedding next weekend and need help deciding what to wear.


My stepcousin is getting married. He and his bride to be are very casual, and my mom is wearing pants + blouse + drapey jacket combo. They're getting married in a water park resort in northern Wisconsin at 4 pm on a Friday afternoon. This is obviously not a super formal wedding. It's supposed to be in the 40s/50s all weekend, so I'm trying to plan for some chilly weather since I'll likely have to walk between buildings a few times.


Please help me get dressed.

The coat is actually white with little gold flecks and I'd probably add a shawl thing or a cardigan (dark gray?). I'm not sold on the blouse, but something in that color family.

Please help me get dressed.

I will be the comfiest of comfy in this. SUPER COMFY. Plus I will have FOUR pockets. POCKETS.


Please help me get dressed.

My final option is the fall back LBD (above). It's got nice detailing at the collar. I'd probably pair it with a skinny pale gray belt and a bright pink cardigan to dress it "down" a little (it reads really formal in person).

So, GT. What do you think? Skirt, jacket/pants, or dress?