Okay, I'm late to the game here, but I just saw it last night and ho.ly.shit. I was dumbstruck. I haven't felt that way after a movie since I saw The Pawnbroker (a Holocaust movie) 10 years ago. All the feelings. Mostly heartbroken, painful feelings, but all of them were there at some point.

The performances. The cinematography. The direction. The writing. Everything was perfection. Give them all the Oscars.

Just want to leave this out there to stir discussion and thoughts.

My first thought—I wasn't nervous about how they would do this, because I had faith in the film, but I was curious... How were you going to show the depths and uniqueness of Solomon's tragedy as a man who had been born free and enslaved without underplaying the tragedies of all the characters who had been born into slavery? And how do you feel the triumph of his escape without forgetting all of those who were not so fortunate. I thought McQueen did a great job of showing the unique humanity (or inhumanity) of every character so that this (that could have been problematic) totally worked.