A couple of years back when my roommate moved out, I did a very stupid thing. I was supposed to replace her stuff (‘cause it was all our dishwear) and then she’d take it...well I never quite got around to it and 3 or so years later she’s moved out of her parents house (she lived with me whilein school) and wants her stuff...

So I’ve been scrambling to replace all my dishes (mostly done, ‘cept cutlery ‘cause apparently nobody sells it in sets for less than 8 ‘cept ikea, and their stuff is weird) and and am now sending her FB messages like a crazy person with “do you want <dollar store buy> back?” ‘cause she can be weird about money but I really don’t want to go through the hassle of replacing these things that happen to be the perfect size/color/etc.


I’m halfway tempted to steal her pyraxy style mixing bowl that I used way more the her ‘cause well I cook and she doesn’t...I did flat out tell her I really liked it, but apparently she likes it too...:/ Just ugh, never again...I feel like there’s a statute of limitation on claiming your stuff, even if you’re still friends with the person.