OH MY GOD YOU GUYS! Aaah! I thought I didn't get any this time...THANK YOU!

*waves* Hi, everyone!

I guess I'll introduce myself? I'm an American grad student in the UK studying bioanthropology, hopefully applying to do a law degree back home next year because academia and I have decided we need to see other people. I just turned 23 last week, I'm from Chicago, and I probably really should have done a literature postgrad degree because I love Renaissance drama and might be slightly obsessed with Christopher Marlowe. Just a little. Aaaaaand I love of all of you guys, and think you're really awesome, and now I finally feel like I have a place to say that I've been really lonely in grad school and last term in particular felt somewhat depressed, and Groupthink has really been amazing, even just as a lurker growing into a commenter. Just to see everybody's strength and support for each other has made me feel like there was hope for good things in the world, and I'm so honored to be a part of that community.