May cost me my second major.

Emailed a professor last spring with old syllabi from engineering classes, asking him if he could waive some of the Computer Applications classes based on the syllabi. He redirected me, then the other professor told me that I could have 2 classes waived. Great! I filed that away and went along my merry way.

A few weeks ago I check my graduation progress, and see that those classes aren't listed on there as counting. I assumed that it was just because the computer can't make it count officially but it will at graduation, but I email both professors just in case asking if there's anything else I need to do to make sure. They don't reply. Today I get a mass email telling me that I don't meet the requirements and if I don't fix it I won't graduate with the major.


I'm really hoping this is just some clerical error, as I immediately forwarded the original emails to a third person who is apparently supposed to fix these issues according to the email. They're lucky that my internship now will probably turn into a job and it's not like a massive company where dropping a Computer Applications major might change something; the owner of the company is my direct boss and my work in the internship is majorly important, while my majors really aren't. If that wasn't the case I would be freaking out right now.

But still. Incompetence!

ETA: Emailed the woman who they redirected us to with a copy of all the emails I got saying it was fine, then thought better of email for something so important and called. She said the person that waived the classes originally had retired and not told a soul that I needed those waived and that it would be taken care of. Yay!