Christine Feehan just published her 20something Carpathian novel (all titles start with Dark) I read the first six and got very bored. Dark Prince and Dark Gold was good. My question is do teens reading Twilight move on to Feehan and other more adult paranormal writers? Or do they appeal to two distinct reading groups?

I prefer actually the funny paranormal romances not the heavy serious ones like Feehan and Amanda Ashley. The male vampires also tend to be bores who think only they can save the woman from the bad guys, blah. Plus sex scenes are beyond over the top especially Feehans.

Lyndsay Sands novels are hysterical, her best is Accidental Vampire. MaryJanice Davidson Queen Betsy books are good but after book 9 get sooooo boring. Most of 10 and 11 take place in the kitchen zzzzz.


Katie McAllister is good. Her vampire novels like Sex, Lies and Vampires is a humorous spoof of the Feehan novels.

Anyways are these writers especially Feehan (why she is still popular I have no clue) and Twilight readers the same or different audiences.