So I am a podcast junkie. I have them grouped into different categories: news, fictional, spooky, infotainment. One of the big ones I enjoy is the Cracked podcast - they talk about a variety of topics, inject a lot of humor into their thoughts, and gives me new perspectives and information that I didn’t have in my brain meats before.

One question that I have found very fun to bring up at parties is their question about what animal would take over the earth after humans.


I do have some options that I outlaw because EVERYONE chooses them given the chance:

  • tardigrades - water bears that can survive in SPaCe?!?!?!
  • cephalapods - octopi are one of my favorite creatures and they have VERY alien intelligence compared to us, so its too obvious a choice
  • apes - because there are several big budget documentaries from another universe showing us how that happens
  • cockroaches - duh

I also give everyone the ability to submit two answers:

  • viable option - give me the why you think this is a potential successor to Earth
  • fun option - what do you wish would take over and why

So far I have been given the following answers:

  • spiders
  • bees
  • otters
  • birds of paradise
  • house cats
  • owls
  • platypus
  • elephants
  • ants
  • ostriches

So I now turn the question over to you GT - what animals would likely take over, what would you like to take over, and why?