I hope guys don't mind. Everyone know then I see a few lonely question on the open thread and I share the comments. Then you-know-who does that thing he/she does so well. So I thought it might be better to post bunch of comments instead.

BettyWhoYou - Thinks her friend might interested in her and she doesn't know what to do.

thedogthatwasntthere- Is burnt out from school and might have to quit school.

TremendousCadenceSlow- Meet up for S.C. on Dec 6 in Columbia.

yfunk- How do you get ready for a fancy holiday party?

Vero-jacobi- How do you get eyebrows?

Gazorpazorp- What are some good channels for yoga on youtube?

youllNEVERFINDMEha- Are Asian people PoC?

foofoofoofoo- How doth one flick the bean?

Lavacakeandfishsauce- Flirting while married.

Pennylane- Child custody dispute.

yellowsticky- Breast augmentation question.

hooterific- making strong bonds is hard when you're an introvert.