I'm dealing with too many creepy fucks right now.

Exhibits of Such:

1) Guy who sent me unsolicited pics of himself receiving oral sex.

2) Random "friend" from years ago who decided to e-mail out of nowhere bragging about getting a job and an online degree (not that these are bad things, just really weird when being used to neg someone else), and to tell me my law degree was going to be useless and that he was going to make more than me (he isn't and I'm graduating employed in my field). Basically he decided to try and neg me for some reason. He's married. I don't know where this came from; I haven't talked with him in years.


3) Negging asshole who dropped out last year managed to fenagle himself back into school. I've been getting death glares of death on the bus from him. This was a guy who did nothing but brag about his successes first year ( He literally called me crying year one that he was only in the top 10% of the class-that type of douchebag) and then dropped out after breaking down/flunking out (we never got the real story). He hasn't changed at all. Super creeped out seeing him around again. He also refused to gender me properly so he's filed under the asshole category.

4) Guy in my class is hitting on my friend and another girl in the class at the same time. Like, really, really overtly. And he's acting like a major douche to everyone he isn't hitting on. He also has been touchy with my friend and I can't tell if she consented to it. It's really creepy and I'm not sure what do.

That is all.