This has to be one of the best, most fun pieces I have read about getting over imposter syndrome. It call comes down to one phrase: What Would Cookie Do?

This brings up an important topic that I think a lot of people like to dismiss, which is about the power of clothing and how it can affect your personal outlook. In an ideal world, clothes wouldn’t matter. We shouldn’t judge anyone based on how they are dressed. But sometimes putting on the right thing can give you very specific feelings about yourself that can change your day.


I have this ridiculous faux fur coat, it’s floor length and feels like a muppet. But I love it and won’t give it up because I feel glamourous just wandering around my apartment in this silly coat. Back in my reckless spending youth, I used to invest A LOT of money in fancy lingerie. It was never about or for anyone else, I couldn’t care less about what some guy thought about my corsets and fancy garters. But wearing it under my lazy slacker jeans and hoodies made me feel just a touch more powerful.

Right now, I’m in the process of planning to rebuild a wardrobe that helps me feel powerful again, so I can continue taking control of all of my successes in life.

What clothes change how you feel?