I'm going on my first cruise in March, the boat I'm going on is the that is having the Norovirus epidemic.

The one the internet does not stop talking about. I am constantly on the internet, and my mother feels the need to call and tell me about this.

I keep Purell in the house, purse and work, I refuse to shake hands with people I interview. I live in constant fear of pink eye (my brothers are a lot younger and go to school).


I'm not Monk but I still have germ issues. It's a story that's everywhere on the internet, Facebook and Twitter, so no I don't need a reminder the vacation I've spent a lot of money may cause me to be deathly ill.

I swear anytime I have something nice in my life, or am planning on something fun she finds a way to make me feel bad about it. I seriously just had a meltdown in my living room. The Geekboy called his mom who is a big cruiser to talk me down and make me feel better.

I know in the grand scheme this is the pettiest of petty complaints but seriously why does she have to Debbie Downer my life?