Adopting or otherwise, tell me all the bad things about having a kid. This isn't the place to give reasons to have kids, though.

Suh dude and I went to see Neighbors the other day. Personality wise, i think we identified a lot with the 2 main characters, who happen to be new parents.

After the movie i had this weird feeling that i have only had for puppies/kittens before. I seriously contemplated the idea of having a child! No, no, no. The baby in the movie is constantly giggling, smiling and calm...... which is not what babies are actually like in real life.


I got a lot of shit at my wedding shower because i may have whispered or mumbled that we were never going to have kids. I don't like any babies, i've never met a child that didn't annoy me. I have a lot of young cousins who are awful, that might be why.

Of all the 'having kids' talks Suh dude and I have had, it has been easily agreed upon that we would never have little ones. I am on a strong birth control, but if that .2% accident happened, i would have an abortion. It's an easy decision for us, both of us are educated about abortion and free of religious guilt. We can hardly afford to take care of ourselves.


So i was really upset with that stupid feeling i got when i saw that cute, calm, perfect baby. I guess i need to be reminded that babies are rarely cute, calm or perfect, also it was just a movie.

I told Suh dude about the weird feeling i got and we talked about it for a bit. We decided on a "let's re-examine the situation and how we feel in 5 years when we're 30" I hope nothing changes though, my parents were terrible parents and i know i would be a terrible human parent too. Maybe when we get our kii after the wedding i wont have that feeling anymore, i just want to be an animal parent. Because i love animals and I... don't love kids. (I know, i'm a monster)