UPDATE: Made it! I ended up pushing my departure back by about 6 hours and I made it down in about 20. My cat was a champ and I didn't hit any major traffic jams or even see any accidents. All in all not too bad. And it's 78 degrees which is about 60 degrees warmer than it is at home. I'm like a cat in a sun beam right now.

Oh god, I'm supposed to leave for a thousand mile roadtrip in 12 hours and I'm not even close to ready. I'm starting to panic.

I'm still at work trying to take care of a problem that never should have existed, I'm not packed, I still need to get my oil changed...

I keep bouncing between this:

and this:

This is also my first post to GT, which I hoped would be super insightful and thought provoking. But here's my stress instead! Hi!