Hello again, Rocky Mountaineers!

(Can I call you that? Just did.)

We've settled on The Med, in Boulder, with reservations at 5:00 on Saturday, January 11. The restaurant rec comes care of Falafel_Apostle, and one of the other local coordinators wisely chose the earlier time for happy hour pricing.

A few of you have confirmed that you will be able to make it - several others were checking their schedules and other details. If you could let me know one way or another by Friday, it will help to make sure we've got the reservation numbers right, so no one ends up sitting in my lap. (If you choose to do so for non-reservation related reasons, we can talk about that after drinks.)

I am excited for the following things, in no particular order:
1.) Eating good food
2.) Happy hour pricing
3.) Meeting you guise. (Not to be confused with Youguise, who I don't think lives in the area)

As always, confirm/deny here, or shoot a quick email to TravelingFluterDale at gmail.

Rocky Mountain Meet-up: The Deets


This photo depicts how happy we will all be, as we shake the metal canister of my people in celebration of our meeting.

Yes, martini shakers are the metal canister of my people.