Warning: Potential Health Scare






So. Late last week, before heading out of town, Spouse noticed that I appeared to have a small dark black “skin tag” on a posterior section of my anatomy not usually visible. I decided to have it looked at, but put that off for a couple of days because, what with Spouse out of town and Child needing help and work being rather busy.


This morning, I’m about to get in the shower when I catch sight of myself in the mirror. There’s a black spot on my upper arm near the armpit. It looked fuzzy, because I wasn’t wearing my glasses (natch). I figured it to be some lint, so I went to brush it off.

It didn’t brush.

But it did move. So I look down and there’s this (hard shell) tick sitting there, burrowing into my skin.


The ick factor cut in and I semi-panicked. I struck a match and held it close to the tick, and saw its legs flex and its body rise, so I knew it wasn’t too far embedded just yet. So, with the aid of the match and fingers of steel, I popped the little sucker off and captured it. Hours later it was still doing just fine in a plastic container.

So this afternoon I dropped it off, still clambering around its container, at my doctor’s office so they could send it out to test for Lyme and maybe a couple of other things. But they warned me that insurance companies don’t always pay for testing ticks.

Apparently, ticks need better insurance.

I suspect now that the “skin tag” (which seems to have since disappeared) may have been this same tick, and it may have migrated around in search of skin it could puncture (I have comparatively thick skin). In any event, the place I found it looking for breakfast is now circled in magic marker, and I’ll be keeping an eye on that.

We shall see. Meanwhile, if you go out in the woods today...