Gizmodo has this interesting post about how the NIH is not willing to endorse “chimera” research where human stem cells are put into an animal embryo.

The absurdity of this hurts my brain. To clarify - the absurdity is the research landscape in this country.


We can’t have stem cell research on early stage human embryos because OMG babies and abortions etc etc etc.

So, apparently the next best thing is to implant some human stem cells into like a mouse embryo so that it can develop into something better to model human diseases and stuff on.

But the NIH is all NOPE because there is a concern that the animal embryos could develop sentience/human traits, even though no previous research has indicated this. It’s like an American Tail could be real or something.


It boggles my mind that we can’t do research on human embryos and then terminate them because the perception of murdering babies.

So instead the next closest thing to do is use animal embryos, but we have to maybe sorta stop that because they might get sentient. Or share human characteristics. Or something. We have no issue with using animals for research, even when we know they can feel pain and fear, but the line in the sand is uh-oh what if they are sentient? I think most animals are, and we just can’t communicate properly with them. Like, just because my dog can’t have a discussion with me about our purpose in the universe and debate the human condition doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a sense of self.

I don’t know. This isn’t my wheelhouse, and I could be majorly misunderstanding this. It just seems like a jumping through a lot of hoops because of perceptions about fetal pain/abortion/souls when the most effective answer is just do research on human embryos.