I'm trying so very hard to sleep tonight because I'm having one of my anxiety disorder flare-ups that leads to difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep as my brain won't shut up. If that wasn't bad enough, I've had pretty awful nightmares the past few nights that I wake up from and can't fall back asleep afterwards.

I think I may need to go see my doctor about going back on an anti-anxiety med to help me sleep :(

ETA: Cute animal GIFs are appreciated to try and help me de-stress a bit and hopefully shut my brain up enough to be able to try and sleep.


ETA2: Thanks to everybody for the kindness and support as well as the adorable animals. I finally wound up cat-napping one of my fuzzbutts (Chelsea) from the end of the bed and put her on my chest. Thanks to the vibrations and sound of her purrs, I fell asleep about an hour after I posted this.