I'm a very thrifty clothes shopper. I shop almost exclusively at second-hand stores, and over the years have managed to find some pretty great pieces. I thought I'd have to start shopping at Real Adult stores once I got a Real Adult job, but have managed to stick to my old ways. When I was a student, I'd happily brag about my thrift shop finds. But it raises some interesting questions in a professional setting.

For example, if a colleague/superior says to me "Great blazer, where'd you get it?" and the answer is "I found it at the dump", it seems like being honest might be... frowned upon in a professional setting. But what answer do I give? Would it be dishonest to say "It's from Le Chateau", if that's what's on the tags? Could I just say "I got it used", or is that also icky if the person you're talking to is moderately important in the scheme of things?

Clearly a lot of these considerations are classist and other such bullshit, but I'm a young woman trying to look professional and be taken seriously by colleagues who are much older and more established than me. Thoughts? I don't want to hide my thrift shop swagger, but realistically I know people are judgey and I don't want to be dismissed either!